3 Months with Hayley

My baby girl Hayley is 3 months old. She is growing up so fast already! Each day flies by and it seems like she learns something new every day. And we learn something new about parenting each day. We learn little tricks, like trying out 4 different pacifiers to finally find one she likes. We learned that she likes her bottles at just the right warm temperature. We learned that she likes to go outside and watch the tree branches sway in the wind. It’s amazing that as she is learning, she’s also teaching us.

Every little moment of motherhood is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. There’s days when I just want to catch up on sleep, but she wants to play all day. There’s nights when she’ll only sleep when she’s snuggled up next to me. There’s times when she’s screaming her head off in the car at each stoplight. But then there’s mornings when she wakes up and smiles when she sees me and Chad’s faces. There’s times when she does something new, like giggling in the bathtub. And there’s days when she constantly reminds me of how amazing this time is in both of our lives.

Now, she’s getting close to rolling over on her own, she let out her first real giggles, she sleeps mostly through the night (only wakes up once), she smiles throughout the day, she talks more and more each day, she’s starting to reach for her toys and hold them, and she’s squirming around, moving those arms and legs all over the place!

Pictures from Hayley’s first 3 months:

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

Bath time!


Great Grandparents

My Dad’s Tattoos Are Better Than Your Dad’s

Mornings with Dad

Rolling Over

Tummy Time

Babywearing in the Mei Tai

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