Pregnancy Update: 2 down, 1 to go

Third trimester starts this week! Eek! Pregnancy has been great so far, baby girl is growing, growing, growing, and so is my belly! Chad and I are both so blessed and excited for what’s to come. There’s a lot to process, and a lot of unknowns, but we take it day by day and learn something new about pregnancy and babies every day.

We had a great Christmas with family (despite my terrible cold that left me voiceless on Christmas morning – yuck!). Needless to say, grandmas, great-grandma, aunts and nieces are all very excited for baby girl and showered her with all kinds of pink gifts. Who can resist buying cute pink baby things?

We built the crib and changing table this weekend, so we’ve got a start on her nursery. And the boxes of other things are piling up across the house (why does such a teeny tiny thing require so much stuff?!?). One day, it will all come together. I hope.

Here’s some new belly pictures, our Christmas family pic, and the start of our little monkey’s nursery. Just 3 more months until this bun is done baking!

22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks

Christmas Family Pic (22 Weeks)

Christmas Family Pic (22 Weeks)

26 Weeks Pregnant

26 Weeks

26 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant

Getting Rounder



Changing Table

Changing Table

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