Foo Fighters!

It’s official… Dave Grohl possesses the Pick of Destiny.

Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
September 22, 2011
w/Rise Against & Mariachi El Bronx

When I bought these tickets (as a surprise for Chad’s birthday) I didn’t really pay attention to who the opening acts were, but I was stoked to find out that Rise Against was opening for the Foo. I hadn’t seen them since Warped Tour ’04? At one point, Rise Against was my favorite┬áband. Sadly, they didn’t play any songs from their most epic album, 2004’s Revolutions Per Minute. But as always, they put on one hell of a rock show.

If you’ve never been to a Foo Fighters concert, go! These guys are not kidding around when they say they will play a fully-energized, face-melting, crowd-surfing, straight-up rock show for 3 hours. If there’s one band left who has passion and drive for what they do and for the fans who support them, it’s the Foo Fighters. I love Dave’s energy and the way that this band somehow manages to make a crowd of 10,000 seem like an intimate concert.

For the thousands who were scratching their heads during “This Is a Call,” saying “Is Dave singing about fingernails?” Yes, he is singing about fingernails! Do yourself a favor and catch up on 16 years and six albums worth of Foo Fighters history.

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