If John Lennon Lived Today…

John LennonIf John Lennon lived today…

…Would we know his name? Would anyone hear his music?

Thirty years after that fateful day that Mark David Chapman shot and killed the music legend that is John Lennon, people are talking about all of the contributions that this one man made to the world. But, if John Lennon lived now, and not then, would his voice be heard?

It’s no secret that the music industry has fallen. Popular music is junk. There’s no musicianship anymore. Anyone who has true talent is shunned away while the talentless pretty faces take over our TV screens and magazine covers. Our culture is obsessed with celebrities with no regard as to what contributions they make to society.

It’s so sad to me to know that a man like John Lennon would never have the chance to share his talents and ideas with the world in today’s society. And if he did make it through and was recognized as a famous musician, he wouldn’t be the John Lennon that we know and love. The whole culture of “celebrity” that exists today would change anyone who was put into that role. I was watching “LennoNYC” on PBS a couple weeks ago, and there was a scene where someone was talking about John walking out into the streets of New York to hail a cab and take his son to swim lessons at the local pool. I just don’t imagine any famous person doing that today.

I’m grateful that John Lennon lived when he did. I encourage you to commemorate the memory of this talented musician by finding one unsigned artist who inspires you and sharing their music with at least one person today.

Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.
— John Lennon

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