A toast to the fall of the music industry

I have never watched the MTV VMAs.

Last night I caught parts of several performances and could only shake my head in shame at the lack of talent or passion onstage. I don’t watch the VMAs for a reason – I don’t listen to “radio” or “MTV” music, and I don’t pay attention to awards shows. Why do people in the entertainment industry need to receive awards, and why do we make a big spectacle about these stupid awards shows? I know plenty of people that are rock stars in their jobs and their industries, but you don’t see them on a televised awards show in primetime.

Like I said, I only caught parts of some performances – Taylor Swift, B.O.B with Hayley Williams, Drake, Kanye and Justin Bieber (I had to change the channel on that last one). According to millions of people who buy these artists’ records, they’re pretty popular. So why can’t they sing? And why didn’t they seem to care?

I majored in Recording Industry Studies in college but I definitely didn’t want to follow that as a career path. The music industry is falling to pieces. And last night’s VMAs were proof of that.

The only exception (pun intended) last night was Hayley Williams and the rest of Paramore. That girl can sing and she was damn proud to be up on that stage. That was a huge moment for her and she wasn’t about to let it go to her head. She and her band enjoyed it for all it was worth and they showed some true talent.

As for Taylor, Drake, Kanye and Bieber – what a disappointment. Not that that’s my type of music anyway, but I was just left wondering why in the world people support these artists. And I’m sad that the music industry execs push these talentless artists onto the radio and parade them around like they’re good at what they do. They’re just pretty faces. Don’t fall for it.

You don’t have to listen to that trash. Take control of the music you listen to and don’t let the music industry fool you into thinking that their award-winning artists are actually talented.

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One thought on “A toast to the fall of the music industry

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