Some Old Photos

Remember when life was so simple? When the day’s biggest decision was Apple Jacks or Cocoa Puffs? I’ve been a bit stressed out this past month, with a major project at work and too many things to do at home. So today when I sat down to write this post, I became inspired by some old photos that are collecting dust in my iPhoto library. These pictures reminded me that even the simple things are reason to celebrate, that some arguments are not worth the stress, and that life is in the way we live it.


2 thoughts on “Some Old Photos

  1. willowmonroe says:

    I enjoyed your post, I love collecting old photo’s and the such, feel free to check them out, thanks for sharing.

    Willow Monroe

  2. i collect old photos as well. You made you photos tell a story. Or more to the point u made the photos illustrate some of lives’ true values. Check out my walk back in time before the great depression , its 40 odd old photos.

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