What are the happy moments in your life?

I was watching a movie on TV today that focused on those really big moments in life that make you stop and say “I’m truly happy right now.” But I got to wondering, are those moments really so few and far between that we have to stop and say “This was a definitive moment that I realized I was happy”? Shouldn’t life be filled with those moments every day?

If someone asked me today “If you could pick ONE moment in your life that made you truly happy, what would it be?” I would have to respond… Why does it have to be just one in my entire life?

Just this week, I’ve had many truly happy moments. I got to celebrate the new year with my husband and that made me happy. We ate at two new local restaurants this week and that made me happy. My dog curled up beside me in bed and that made me happy. I talked with friends and family and that made me happy. I was truly happy in each of those moments.

The reason that those moments brought me happiness is because of gratitude. I am grateful for each of those experiences. Be grateful for every moment, no matter how small or how frequent. It can be a once in a lifetime thing, or something you experience day to day. Bring gratitude into the moments of your life and experience happiness in many moments of the day.


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